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  • 全 國 美 容 連 鎖




    The beauty SPA franchise chain business of HuiKang Group was launched in 2001. We always pursue the philosophy of Chinese traditional massage and health that has been applying for thousands of years. Working with institutions from Australia, Japan, Korea, Europe and America, a series of effective skincare products have been published that lead the beauty industry in China. By 2017, our chain stores have been developed to over 30 cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu, Shenyang, Harbin, Wuhan, Xining, Urumchi and so on. With over 4,000 employees in 300 SPA stores, we are dedicated to offer our best service for ladies to become more beautiful and healthier.
    Our valued member is over 570,000 by 2017, among which there are over 300,000 customers that has been our loyal members for five years. All these made us a high-end brand. In the future, we will firmly keep the philosophy of Ultimate and Leisure to guide beauty SPA and eco-health industry. With the belief of helping lady to achieve their dream life in three dimensions-beauty, figure and health, we are utmostly developing the customized beauty solution with genetic technology.? ? ??

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